Our Mission

“We started FinanceHub to make borrowing simple, every step of the way. Our core values are Competence, Honesty, and Accountability. We bend head over heels to ensure that our core values reflect your experience with us.”

About Us

FinanceHub is a Canadian mortgage brokerage that operates out of Toronto, Ontario. Backed by a team of seasoned mortgage professionals with over a decade of experience, we have an abundance of confidence you will experience the best home equity loan process the industry has to offer. Our friendly experts are there for you every step of the way, and beyond! That’s the difference when you choose to borrow with FinanceHub, your future is part of our mission.
We offer informative guidance to set you up for financial freedom. We work with you and break down any costly debts and/or expenses you have and then present a step by step personalized success plan. Our goal is to optimize your current financial standing. We do this by minimizing your cost of borrowing by paying off high interest debt and creating a personalised success plan to rebuild your credit. This, in turn, leads to maximizing your future borrowing power. This gives our clients better access to home equity loan products and lower interest borrowing.
Top-rated customer service isn’t the only thing that benefits our clients. Our well-established network of institutional and private lenders throughout Canada allows us to secure our clients the most competitive interest rates the market has to offer. We have incorporated these longstanding partnerships into our services over a combined decade of working in the financial industry catering specifically to home equity loans and debt consolidation for our valued clients.