Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinancing

There are many reasons why people look to refinance their mortgage such as:

  • -Find a new home loan at a better interest rate
  • -Their current mortgage has matured, and the lender needs to be paid out
  • -To refinance the home by unlocking equity in order to gain access to funds or pay off debt.

Get a Lower Rate

Refinance your mortgage and receive a lower interest rate with lower monthly payments.

Pay Off Debt

Save money by accessing equity in your home to pay off high interest debt with a refinance.


Refinance your mortgage for low interest borrowing in order to pay for important things such as renovations, child education, a new car, etc.

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Our customers experience an average increase of 150 points to their credit score a year after using our debt consolidation and budgeting services.

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Cut your monthly payments by up to 75%

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Twice the value with FinanceHub! By creating a personalized success plan to rebuild credit and increase future borrowing power, our clients achieve favorable access to home equity loan products and lower interest borrowing.
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