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Our approach is different. What we do is we make borrowing simple, convenient, and
user friendly. With today’s markets changing so rapidly it’s very difficult for consumers
to know which mortgage is the most suitable for them and their family, and
which products they can qualify for. Our friendly team are the people you want to
leave that up to.
Our principles are different than the typical mortgage brokerage. You are more to us than just another approval. On top of getting you a mortgage, we want to get to know
you, learn what your financial goals are and help you achieve these goals with a
personalised success plan. FinanceHub gives you a more realistic and direct way for
achieving financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a mortgage?

We can have the loan funded in as early as 48 hours.

How much can I borrow for a mortgage?

Depending on the location and marketability of the property, our lenders can go up to 90% LTV (loan to value). This means if the value of your home is $1,000,000 you can borrow up to $900,000.

How do I get a 2nd mortgage?

Easy. Simply apply to our site and one of our friendly experts will reach out to you. They will chat with you for about 10 minutes to learn more about you and then match you with the most suitable lender with the lowest rate.

If I have bad credit can I still get a mortgage?

Yes definitely. You’re probably not going to get that premium rate you were hoping for but it’s a lot better to consolidate high interest credit card debt and other lines of credit into a single mortgage. This is because your minimum monthly mortgage payment will be considerably less than the high interest debt payments you are currently making. Paying off that debt with a new mortgage allows you to quickly rebuild your credit score and, in turn, will set you up to soon have more favorable access to lower interest rates and more borrowing power.

The Borrowing Process

  • 1

    Apply In Seconds.

    You can apply in seconds on our website. If you would prefer you can call, email, or text us if you wish to have one of our friendly experts guide you through the application or answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • 2

    We Get You Approved.

    One of our friendly experts will reach out to you. They will be interested in hearing what your financial goals are (short & long term) and to learn what your current financial situation is. Then they will come up with a personalised success plan for you to achieve an optimal financial solution.

  • 3

    Receive Funds.

    Once we have completed your application, have come up with a financial plan, and received a few pieces of documentation, we submit your application through our lending hub. Dozens of lenders then compete against each other submitting offers. Once we have received offers for your loan, our team reviews the offers and present the best one to you.

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Top-notch customer service is not the only thing you can expect from our friendly team at FinanceHub. We also deliver results!

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